James Aubrey

Jimmy started playing violin in 5th grade, when he realized he could get out of class 45 minutes every week! When “Beatlemania” hit, his Dad got him a $59 guitar from Sears, telling him “after this – you’re on your own.” While Larry was working successfully with the Bonnevilles, Jimmy created the Starfires. (Back then, you named your band after a car!) The Starfires started playing school dances, teen clubs, and CYO’s, and Jimmy earned enough money to buy Sears best – a $99 Silvertone. 

A couple years later he began teaching for Zeb Billings. The head of the guitar department introduced him to Larry. His name – Robert Zenoni – a.k.a. Uncle Bob. Jimmy & Uncle Bob’s #2 son Dennis formed the James Aubrey Trio along with singer/songwriter Jim Carstensen. Later, when the trio was doing a recording session at Revolution Studios, Jimmy again ran across this guy named Larry Lynne, who was recording with his trio – “The Free Meal” Shortly thereafter, Jimmy’s room-mate, Uncle Bob’s #4 son Mike, (also the drummer for the Larry Lynne Group)invited Jimmy to see the band. Not only did he see the group, they invited him to join, and, Jimmy saw the girl who eventually became Mrs. Jimmy! A couple years later, they re-formed the Skunks along with Jack Tappy and Randy Klein and toured extensively throughout the Midwest. As country music became more popular, they became Larry Lynne & Bootlegger and opened for acts such as Rascal Flatts, George Jones, and, Blake Shelton. The current group combines music from the 50’s, 60’s and country-rock, and has opened for acts such as Tommy James, Kenny Rogers, and, Eddie Money.

Jimmy is still “livin’ the dream”!



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Milwaukee, WI