I got the music bug the day I saw the first Beatles album in a store window. I used to get together with my friends and we would just sing along to the Beatles. At about the age of 13 one Saturday I was taken to the hospital with a stomach problem. That night they rolled in some guy with a cool shiny suit. Everyone was a buzz about this guy because he was a famous musician. I was hooked! Went on to be in my first band “The Nighthawks”. I was the lead singer. Soon I started to play guitar. Some school chums wanted to start a band. Two of us played guitar, one keyboard, and a drummer. No bass player. So the other guitar player and I flipped a coin. I lost. So I went down to Metropolitan Music and traded my brand new Fender Jazzmaster for a beat-up Jazz Bass and the die was cast. Played with “The Chessmen in the later 60’s. The 70’s saw me doing some progressive and real psychedelic stuff and a stint in a country-rock band. The 80’s started with country-rock (Whiskey Flats) and ended with some more 80’s music. The 90’s were a mix of cover bands and wedding bands (Wedding bands were getting rich about this time. The 2000’s were a mix of cover bands and a stint with “The Ruffriders” (after Teddy left). Most of the 2010’s were filled by “The Ricochettes”. A reformed version of the 60’s band. There are dozens of details left out here but these are the highlights. Oh, by the way, that guy I met in the hospital? His name was Larry Lynne!

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